Laboratory Coordination Committee

Laboratory Coordination Committee


The University of the Philippines Manila is committed to maintain its research and health services to a quality standard being the country’s center of excellence in the field of health sciences. With this, the Laboratory Coordination Committee (LCC) is mandated to coordinate all laboratories in UP Manila in attaining compliance of applicable regulatory requirements and provide information of the laboratory services to its clients.

These are the specific objectives of LCC:

  1. Determine the applicability of pertinent laboratory requirements in the operations of UP Manila laboratories;
  2. Assist the laboratory in attaining compliance with applicable regulatory requirements;
  3. Create a comprehensive list of all laboratory services offered by UP Manila; and
  4. Set up and maintain an accessible and navigable integrated repository of information regarding laboratory services, whether for research or for clinical patient services, that are available in UP Manila.

LCC Chair


Sheriah Laine M. de Paz- Silava, MD, PhD

Department of Medical Microbiology
College of Public Health, University of the Philippines Manila
SEAMEO TROPMED Regional Centre for Public Health,
Hospital Administration, Environmental and Occupational Health

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Laboratory Coordination Committee
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