Our Research Units


Offices/Units of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Research Grants Administration Office

UPM-RGAO is the central research office that will streamline the research funding process for UP Manila and its component units. Learn more

Technology Transfer and Business Development Office

UPM-TTBDO is consistently looking for partners to increase capacities in the university and speed up the process of moving technologies from the bench to the community. Learn more

Office of Research Integrity

UPM-ORI aims to create an environment conducive to research integrity and implement appropriate monitoring and response to allegations of research misconduct. Learn more

Research Management and Translation Office

UPM-RMTO aims to facilitate and manage research projects and translating their findings into practical applications or policy recommendations. Learn more

Research Ethics Board

UPM-REB aims to integrate all existing ethics committees in UP Manila under a single research ethics board with component review panels, and guided by a unified set of standard operating procedures (SOPs). Learn more

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

UPM-IACUC recognizes the ethical and legal responsibilities when using animals in research. Learn more

Institutional Biosafety and Biosecurity Committee

UPM-IBBC oversights committee handling biological hazards in research. Learn more

Publication Assistance Committee

UPM-PAC assists UP researchers in facilitating the publication of their completed research/thesis work. Learn more

Laboratory Coordination Committee

UPM-LCC coordinates the operations of all UPM laboratories (service, research, educational) to promote the highest standards of operation to benefit our clients and community. Learn more

Discovery and Innovation Hub

UPM-DIH aims to recognize and understand the needs and explore opportunities for collaborative innovations across our colleges and units. Learn more